A lesson in patience

I am not a patient person. I do not pretend to be.

I am raising two independant and also not very patient children. To my own demise there are moments in which that is a recipe for disaster.

This morning felt like one of those moments.

My son informed me last night before bed that he was going to be making breakfast sandwiches for himself and his sister in the morning. He needed to be woken up early so he could do that for her before she needed to leave (she goes to school 90 minutes before he does).

So I made sure he was up and began putting away the clean dishes from last night trying to stay out of the way. Watching the mess and general slowness that comes with still learning how to cook had me counting to ten and taking as many deep breaths as I could without being audible. While he was tossing eggs around she was preparing her lunch in the most unconventional way I think I’ve ever seen and there was peanut butter EVERYWHERE.

Still trying not to say a word, scream, or otherwise take over because I want them to be able to do these things on their own (even at the expense of my kitchen) I stayed out of the way and only offered assistance when it was implicitly asked for.

Two breakfast sandwiches were consumed, lunches were packed, and after 10 minutes all peanut butter, crumbs, and egg remnants had been removed from the counters. I know it sounds like such a dumb, small thing. It is, and I know this. But its another one of those times in parenthood that you don’t think about until you’re living it.

I’ve worked with teens that didn’t know how to cook even scrambled eggs or a grilled cheese. Didn’t know how to do their own laundry, or had never cleaned the bathroom. I want to be sure that my kids are not those kids. At this point they can cook small things with minimal supervision, they know how to start the washer and dryer (even though that is one thing I am not ready to pass the torch on), and they alternate who cleans the bathroom every other week. The bathroom has been a fantastic lesson in aim for my son so I count it as a win.

While they are both picking up skills that I hope they take with them when they no longer live under our roof, it comes at the expense of my patience and sanity. I do have some OCD tendencies that seem to be more prevalent as I get older, and there are moments where it is so much faster if I just do it myself. But then they don’t learn. Then they expect me to always do it for them.

I love to cook for my kids, I enjoy doing thing for them (can you guess my love language?) but there is a fine line between love and enabling behavior. So here we are. A lesson in patience before the coffee is ready on a Monday morning. We live dangerously around here, but I know in the long run it will be worth it.

Is there anything that you are doing while raising your kids that sometimes makes you crazy?? I’d love to hear about it if you’re willing to share.


Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve felt very loved today by my kids and husband. I’ve also felt the love from friends and family as text messages have been sent back and forth wishing each other the best.

Being a mom is rad.

I’ve known since I was a kid that I wanted to be a mom. It isn’t something I ever questioned, and I am ever grateful that I met my husband and I shared a vision of having a family.

Motherhood makes me laugh daily, cry frequently, scream occasionally, and always end my day thanking God for the two humans he assigned to my care.

Summiting our annual 14er last summer.. Next up this year- Quandry Peak

I am also grateful for the relationship I have with my own mother. It is not perfect, and we are different humans, but I know without a shadow of a doubt my mom is my number one supporter and fan. She always has been, and I know she always will be. From sports practices to sleepovers, moving me into my dorm at Northwood to helping plan my wedding, welcoming grandbabies and helping me drive across the country with a toddler and 6 month old, even if she might not love an idea at first she’s usually the first one in the front row. She’s also Grammie-extraordinaire to all five of her grandkids. There is nothing she loves more then having us all together, which is rare but an event to be sure. We’re going to have a good time when we all invade their house this summer.

I’d be remiss not to also give a shout-out to my mother-in-law. I know many women that married into families that come with a Monster-In-Law. I was NOT one of those people. I’ve been married to my husband for almost 15 years and known his family for 20. They are some of the kindest, most genuine, often loud, always supportive humans I’ve ever met. I was welcomed by the Galsters from day one and as we’ve all grown together from across the country to in the same house, to in the same metro area, I am so happy to be a part of the Galster Clan. My mother in law is also one proud and crazy Nana. If there’s an event, she is there, and the smile that overtakes my children’s faces makes my heart full.

I know that not everyone celebrates Mother’s Day, like any other holiday we all have our reasons for doing what we do. Today is just another day for some people, maybe a day to be skipped all together for some, and for others it’s a day to celebrate. Whatever you choose to do today I hope your day is filled with love and to my fellow Mama’s out there- Happy Mother’s Day!


Hips Don’t Lie

And they get incredibly bitchy if you don’t pay them the attention they feel they deserve.

The number of injuries, tightness and general discomfort that come from having tight hips is more then I’m willing to bet you even realize.

As women we carry stress and trauma in our hips. How interesting between our hips is where we carry babies, where our reproductive organs live, and is also where we as women are most grounded/ rooted. That isn’t coincidence friends, that is how the creator intended us to be.

Low back pain, knee pain, guess what often (not always, but often) plays a roll? You guessed it, all the muscles around your hips.

Ok, fine, so what am I supposed to do about it?

Ahh, I’m so glad you asked! (Yes, I have these types of conversations with myself often.)

There are TONS of exercises that you can do, but today I’m going to show you just one that I try to spend time in every day. I notice when I don’t take the time, so I have to assume that it’s working even if it feels only marginal.

The z-sit or 90/90 sit is Queen in my book. You sit with your legs in a “Z” or both at 90 degrees. Rocking and moving around in circles will help the hips loosen up. Not going to lie, the position can be a bit uncomfortable at first. If it is, that’s a subtle (or not so subtle) indication that more time in that position will be beneficial.

Starting with a couple minutes while scrolling your phone or watching Netflix is perfect. Increasing the time and eventually the range of movement will come as you get more comfortable in the z-sit.

Give the z-sit a try, and let me know how it goes.


Motion Lotion

Man if you have even a little bit of a sense of humor that title has endless possibilities for ridicule. It’s a good thing I’m aware I do these things to myself.

I love movement, I don’t think I could do what I do if I didn’t. I like to lift heavy things off the floor, and sometimes over my head. I want to still be doing my thing when I’m in my 80’s, and I know movement plays a roll in the goal.

I also know that quality of movement begets quantity in the long run. Hear me out.

Exercise and movement are good for all the parts- muscles, bones, joints, heart, lungs and brain. When we move we almost always feel better. But one could argue that some movements are better then others. On top of that, it’s not the shiny objects that tend to give you the most bang for your buck.

I’ve had to learn the hard way (IE by beating up my own body) that going hard and fast all the time is going to wear you out sooner. At 38 I deal with a couple of chronic issues that I may have been able to prevent if I’d allowed myself to slow down more often and listen instead of drown out what my body was trying to tell me. I am grateful that I did finally listen before something as serious as surgery was thrown out there, and I will do EVERYTHING I can do avoid having any kind of procedure done.

So what does that look like? This puzzle has MANY pieces, so today the one I’m going to share is walking and tomorrow it’s hip mobility exercises.

Walking- Yes, you read that correctly. Get outside and go for a walk. 10, 15, 20 minutes. Use your arms, turn your face towards the sun. Listen to your favorite song or a podcast. Listen to nature. Breathe through just your nose (inhale and exhale). Can you do it? Give it a try, it’s harder then you might think.

Walking is a form of “cardio”. It’s not high impact or high intensity, and that’s the point. Running, biking, jumping, and rowing all have their place. All of them can be hard on your joints when done for an extended period of time at a moderate to high-intensity. So instead of doing one of those 5-7 days a week, add in some extended periods of just walking.

We have been conditioned to think that if we aren’t working HARD, breathing heavy and breaking a sweat that we aren’t doing enough to make a difference. That my friends is where we’ve got it all wrong. Our bodies spend an exorbitant amount of time in fight or flight. That is our natural stress response, and unless you’ve been living off the grid for the past few years, there’s a high likelihood that you’re running at a high frequency more often then you should.

Exercise is a stressor, walking is a way to utilize movement while not tipping the scale too far in the stressed-out direction. So if today isn’t snowing, raining buckets, or so windy you’re questioning whether or not you’re in Kansas anymore, get outside and take a walk. With the dog, with your kid, by yourself. Whatever it takes. And if that’s all the movement you get in today because life has other plans for you then congratulations. You can check the box and keep on moving right along.


It’s Gonna Be May…

Actually, it is May. I’d love to know where the first four months of this year went because WOW.

My kids are officially out of school in 24 calendar days (I can’t math as to what that means in school days right now) and it doesn’t feel possible that summer is knocking on our door. Our weather has also not helped that but I digress.

Through 2022 I’ve been better about showing up here (because when I do it makes me really happy) but still the presence hasn’t been consistent. To be honest that feels like the story of my life. I’m great at showing up for others but showing up for myself has long been a practice of consistency and discipline. There’s always work to be done.

So I’m challenging myself by showing up here in some capacity five times per week. That is a massive jump from occasionally/ once per month, but sometimes you just need to rip the band-aid off.

I don’t have an excuse. I have once again deleted all social media apps off my phone. While a friend of mine went viral a week ago with a tweet about a story his daughter wrote (laugh here). I’ve enjoyed the dramatics of Elon buying Twitter and people losing their shit, but I need a break. I don’t even tweet to be honest, I’m just on the ‘Gram but it is SO easy to let it be all-consuming and I can’t figure out how to manage it and so I delete the app and walk away.

Also, my kids are not allowed on social media and my husband ISN’T on social media so what kind of example am I setting? Not one I’m a fan of and here we are.

What am I going to show up here about?

To be honest it’s going to depend. I’ve long wanted to just blog about life because I know for a fact there are many fellow moms out there trying to raise the kids, keep the house, be a good partner while also take care of ourselves and show up as the Lionesses we know we are. I am a trainer by trade, but that part plays just one role in the many hats I and many other Moms wear every day.

So yes, there will be strength training based posts because I can’t help myself. But there are several posts that have been sitting in the compose box for months that I might post in the coming weeks. We shall see. This also forces me to work on my email list, if you find you enjoy the random musings and would like to hear from me on a bit more personal level. That too will be up and running soon.

For now I’m going to sign off. Turn on “Call Me Little Sunshine” by Ghost so that the stupid NSYNC song I’ve had in my head goes away, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Happy Monday ok Byeeeeeeeee