I hate to run, but I do it anyway.

There are reasons I dislike running—

  1. I do not derive any joy from it (There is no runners high here. Ever.)
  2. My hip is not a fan.
  3. When my hip isn’t bitchy, my knee is.
  4. I live at altitude. Running at a mile high sucks even more than it does at sea level.

I’m sure I could come up with a few more, excuses are rarely hard to come by.

Running makes me uncomfortable. Running for anything longer than 400m makes me really uncomfortable.

Running also makes me a better version of myself, even if at times I’m simultaneously a bit bitchier than usual. Running reminds me of what it’s like to compete, even if it’s just with myself. Running is good for my heart, for my lungs, and for my brain.

For me it’s less about the act of running, and more about overcoming the mind block that often accompanies it. I don’t run to lose weight or earn my calories or any other nonsense that glorifies it. I run to make me a stronger, more resilient, better-enduranced human.

Vacation Run. A little over 3 miles in 33 minutes. More than running, I hate humidity!

I don’t run everyday. I don’t even run every week. But I make it a point to throw it in the mix.

Maybe running just isn’t your jam. This is less about running and more about pushing yourself. A hard no for me is indoor cycling. I’ve dabbled but it does nothing for me. If I’m going to pick a physical monster of choice it’s going to be running, so what is your monster? What is one thing that you do that you don’t enjoy doing but makes you better?

If we all picked one thing to add to our life that pushed us out of our comfort zone, how much better off would everyone be? I challenge you today to do one thing you don’t love to do but know that it will make you better. Feel free to let me know what you decided on it the comments.



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