Things I loved & enjoyed this month.

This month has been HARD. I realize as I write that, my hard is different from your hard. I honor that. I feel whiny and yet I also feel like I am not the only one. So while I am going to take a quick paragraph to bitch about the hard, I’m taking the rest of this post to call out the things that brought me joy this month. Better to look at the bright once you’ve had a chance to release the crap.

I lived in the midwest for 30 years (Michigan and Ohio), I know winter. I have now lived in Colorado for over 8 years and I have to tell you, Colorado winters are amazing compared to what we left behind in the midwest.

Except this winter.

This winter sucks.

We’ve been cold, we’ve gotten quite a bit more snow then usual, the sun isn’t out and there is SO MUCH ICE. I know that people all over the country deal with this every year, I used to also. But I haven’t had to the past few years and let me tell you, it’s kicking my butt. I don’t want to get up in the morning, I’m feeling bone cold more often than not (if you live in the midwest or on the east coast then you know what this is), and everything feels SO much harder than it actually is. I will continue to move forward, because that’s what I do. But really a couple days of sunny and 50’s would be great. Just saying…

On that note- Things that have sparked Joy and Happiness this month.

My Parents Extended Stay & My In-Laws Delayed Departure: The past 3 years my folks have booked a condo and come out to CO for the month of January. It (usually) breaks up the winter drearies in Michigan, and they get to spend extra time with the grandkids while also enjoying Colorado life. This year especially I have been so thankful because they have been such a huge help with the kids crazy schedules. I’ve been trying to appeal to them spending part of the year out here once they retire but I’m not sure how successful I’ve been on that endeavor. The other bonus has been my in-laws delaying their snowbird trip until the end of the month. Sadly it was because my MIL needed a hip replacement, but we do enjoy seeing them and Bella has loved the extra time at Nana and Papa’s house when we’ve been gone for hockey tournaments. Which brings me to the second thing this month.

After the final buzzer, what a weekend! The hotel may never let us come back, but we had a good time.

Nightmares Take NoCo: Holy cow hockey is INTENSE. Even at 10u. Even at the Rec level. We’ve played in several tournaments, but this one we brought home the hardware. They made it heart-stopping at every chance (my husband nicknamed them the “Cardiac Kids”) but it was so damn fun to watch. They came back from behind more often than they lead, they worked as a team, and it is a joyful experience watching them basically tackle their goalie at the end of the game when they clenched a ‘W”. I imagine I’ll write more on this adventure as a whole once the season is over, but I have loved being a hockey mom this season. Even with early mornings, late nights, and hundreds of miles, it’s worth it. My son has made some great friends, and we have an amazing group of parents that I would never have gotten to know otherwise. I’m sad the season is almost finished, and winning the NoCo tourney takes the cake so far.

Rolling into REO Speedwagon. The bearded one assisted the lead singer at work and scored us some tickets.

Siblings in San Francisco: If you follow me at all on Instagram, you know I have two brothers. One lives in San Fran, the other in Chicago. The one from Chicago had a chance to work in San Jose for a week, so he called to see if I’d meet them in the Bay for a day or two. The trip was short, but it was worth it! We ended up seeing REO Speedwagon (random but fun), and I got to spend time with the two of them. I love when our families are all together, but a sibling one on one is good for the soul. Also, the three of us speak to each other in movie quotes and Beavis and Butthead, so in order for that to be as awesome as it sounds it needs to happen in person every so often.

Bold Lipstick & Ulta Trips: I have long been an eye-makeup person. I LOVE a bold eye. Recently I found out I’m allergic to a pigment used in most eyeshadows so all the bold and bright has taken a back seat. My daughter on the other hand loves a bold lip. Even with her braces she rocks it like a queen. Between her and a hockey mom friend, I have started incorporating brighter lipsticks and I have to say it’s been quite a blast. I still think Ashtyn does it better, but it’s been fun stepping out of my comfort zone. I am currently obsessed with NYX Smooth Whip gloss and liner, and the collection is getting a bit extensive. Ashtyn and I will meander Ulta and walk out with 3 new shades each. It’s fun to have something so silly together, and I appreciate that she lets me have that with her.

Loved everything about this show. Picture credit @wednesdaynetflix on Instagram

Wednesday on Netflix: I don’t watch much TV, but I freaking LOVED Wednesday. Not surprising as I loved The Addams Family when I was in middle school, I wanted Christina Ricci to be my BFF. It is funny, the girl that plays Wednesday is spot on, and it’s Tim Burton. All things that were going to make me love it before I even sat down for the first episode. Once I started I was NOT disappointed except that now I have to wait another year before a second season. At least I’ll have an excuse to watch the first season again then.

The Inheritance Games Trilogy: I will write more about this in my book post, but I have blown through this series. It’s been on my read list for a hot second, but I wanted to wait until the final book was released (which happened back in August). It’s “Knives Out” but Young Adult and generally so much better. It feels good to be reading books that I don’t want to put down, because the last couple months of 2022 I didn’t want to read anything. My goal this year is 50 books and I am well on my way. I hope my choices continue with lots of pages turned.

That’s it for now. I’m sure there are more things that have brought joy, but these are the ones that were top of mind when I jotted the idea down. February is on the horizon and I am hopeful for a couple warmer days, with more sunshine. More good books and adventures, and less feeling like a slug and hiding in the house.

Until next time!


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