Can you do MORE while also focusing on doing LESS?

That is a question that I have been percolating on since the end of last year.

Is it possible for me to do less of the things that seem to keep my stuck and in the perpetual hamster wheel, while also doing more of the things that light me up on the daily? Does it become easier, or more feasible if the things you are aiming to do less of allow you to simultaneously do more of the things you want to do more?

What’s on the Do Less list?

Less mindless scrolling on my phone and less consumption of news/ media. Less sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Less time with energy vipers, and things that steal my energy without helping to recharge it. Less clutter in my house. Less “busy” work, and ignoring my body (especially when it’s screaming at me). Less swearing and less use of words that aren’t necessary. Less worrying about what people think, and less worrying about anything that I have zero control over.

What about more?

More reading books and listening to audiobooks and podcasts. More time writing, on paper and here. More focus on protein, produce and water. More time laughing, and going on adventures. More listening and being 100% present. More learning, and in turn more teaching when the opportunity presents. More walks, rest, massages, and time by myself when I need it. More hikes and days outside. More bright colored lipstick and winged eyeliner. More adventure and traveling. More hugs for the people I love, and telling them how much they mean to me.

What I want more of is to be present in this life. In my body, in my reality. There is so much bad, so much scary, so much evil, so much negative. But it only manifests if you let it, so I am making the choice to not let it in. Not allowing it, and not being informed are not the same thing, it’s how I choose to process and act that make the difference.

It makes a difference to me, it makes a difference to my children, and it makes a difference to everyone that I surround myself with or that I am surrounded by.

So as I continue to embark on this year, I’m choosing less in some ways, and more in others. My hope in doing so is coming out on the other side feeling more present and engaged, and able to LIVE a life that feels like More, while ultimately doing LESS. It’s a lesson in extremes, and I am here for it.


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