things That I Loved In February (even After a Crummy Start)

I’m not going to lie, when this month started I was not sure how I was going to approach writing this particular post. The month did not start out how anyone wants it to.

If there was a lap to be sat on, she was in!

After almost 16.5 adventurous years, our sweet Bella dog was called across the Rainbow Bridge. She made our life quite the adventure from the day I decided she needed to come home with us. Even though she was mostly blind, mostly deaf, mostly toothless and quite stinky by the end she was part of all of the chaos that is our life. We were told last April that she would likely not make it to the end of the year so given that we got into 2023 with her I know she needed to make sure we were going to be ok before she left. I’ve had to make the decision to put my dog down one other time and wow is that just a shit decision to be tasked with. That being said, it was a necessary decision and she was surrounded by her family as we said goodbye. My kids have not had much experience with death so we took a bereavement day together the day after and we talk about it sometimes and have processed the feelings as they come. I do need to give a shoutout to my mom. It was her last day in town, and she came and sat with Bella and I once the decision had been made. I don’t like to outwardly display many of my emotions, but there is something to be said for having your mom with you on those days that your world just goes to hell. I’ll be forever thankful she was here with me.

With that being the beginning of the month all I could hope was that we could only go up from there, and thankfully we did. They didn’t have to be big things, they simply needed to make me happy. So now, things that have brought me joy in February.

She hasn’t gotten to wear “fun” glasses in years, so even though her faces says otherwise she was quite stoked.

My Daughter Got Contacts- Such a random thing to bring joy when they aren’t your eyes, but it brought her joy so in turn it’s contagious. She made the decision on her own, and the determination she showed getting them in and out for the first time was a heck of an example of perseverance. Something about my daughter- if she wants something she WILL get it. Period. You can put up every road block and she will get past it. I love that about her.

Girls Group- My daughter and I joined a group through a connection in our church. One of the other mom’s leads it, and the girls talk about what it means to be a good friend and how to embrace your feminine genius as described in the scripture. I’ve been on a journey of my own (which I start to talk about here) so doing this each month with my daughter has been good for me as well. Ashtyn and I are what we will call the “outliers” in this group, it’s been a positive experience for both of us that I’m glad we decided to embark on it.

Hosting Hockey Team Dinner- I don’t like chaos. My house is not large. It’s perfect for us but not for too many more humans. Yet I found myself volunteering to host the team and their parents and siblings after a Friday night tournament game. Along with one of my hockey BFF’s who is also the assistant coach’s wife we threw it all together in a couple hours and BAM- Team Dinner. It was perfect. The house wasn’t any worse for the wear, and I just love our hockey family. It was a success and I’m glad we were able to host it.

Papa Roach and Falling in Reverse with NN- I snagged us some pretty rad tickets back in December and I’ve been looking forward to this show ever since. I’ve been listening to Papa Roach since high school and they do not disappoint as a live show. Falling in Reverse has become a playlist favorite with Zombified and Popular Monster playing often when I’m working out. Seeing them live added a couple more songs I didn’t know to that list. I may not be down in the pit or crowd surfing anymore (I did plenty of that back in the day) but I still love some angry, loud, live music.

Morning Sunshine and Quiet Time- On the days that it isn’t snowing or 15 below zero I sit out on our patio in the morning sun. I was listening to Headspace for first part of the month. Once Lent started I started “Pray 40” on the Hallow App, and it’s a very peaceful and centering way to begin my day. The sun is helping with my Vitamin D levels and feelings of “Meh” while the app allows me quiet time with my brain and some additional help with the “Meh’s”. Sunlight is really good for you when consumed with intention, and I notice a significant difference when I get out there.

My Son’s Team Made the State Finals- This just happened today, and it was a delightful surprise. We knew we had a tournament this weekend, but as of last weekend we were ranked #9 in our division. Only Top 5 go to states, and we were cool to be playing in the other tournament to wrap up our season. Turns out we ended up ranked #4 after last weekend, so off to States we go! I loved getting to tell our son, and see his excitement. I also ended up being the one to tell my husband because he rarely looks at his phone during the work day. While it all comes down to the work and dedication our boys have put in all season long, a State playoff spot for a “new” Coach that isn’t a “good old boy” in the org isn’t too shabby. I’m excited to watch them this weekend and see how it all shakes out. Hockey is a long season, and part of me is ready for a break. The other part is going to miss this sooner then I’m sure I even realize.

February is coming to a close. I’m hopeful March begins better and then keeps the momentum moving forward. I’m not sure about anyone else but I still have MANY feelings about the month of March after 2020. If I focus on the good, the not-so-good doesn’t have any power, but some things are hard to forget (or forgive).

Talk soon!

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