February Reads- I’m sensing a Theme Here.

February was the month of Taylor Jenkins Reid. I’ve had a couple of these books on my list for a while, and once I started I didn’t want to stop. Giving up social media for Lent will certainly lend me more time to read (which I’m not mad about) but there are also some shows on Amazon and Netflix I want to watch SO… I will have to manage my time accordingly. On to books!

Daisy Jones and The Six- Can you guess one of the shows I’ll be tuning into? This book was so fun to read, and the imagery of gritty, free-love 1960’s and 70’s Los Angeles is palpable. Told like a documentary it’s fun to read the different accounts from the different band members and how each one had a different take on an event or time. I immediatly envisioned The Mama’s and The Papa’s, and after reading the author’s note she was obviously inspired by Fleetwood Mac. At times it is predictable but you still wanted to know what was going to happen next. I think the fact that Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough plays Daisy Jones in the Amazon show feels like cosmic perfection. I hope the show does this book justice because it was excellent.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo– This book tore my heart out. I could not put it down. Evelyn Hugo is a force of nature, and as she’s telling her story you have to wonder how many women of the Hollywood golden era experienced the very things that her character did. It is rare for a book to make me cry, and this one I found myself having to pause more then once so that I could collect myself before I continued reading. She isn’t the most likable of characters, and yet I rooted for her and loved everything about her. I don’t want to say much more because it’s a book that needs to be read and enjoyed by the individual. I will read it again sometime, it is worth the revisit.

Malibu Rising– Taylor Jenkins Reid is known to have characters that float through her books even though the stories themselves aren’t connected. You first meet Mick Riva in Evelyn Hugo, then he’s mentioned again in Daisy Jones. Malibu Rising is about his four kids and their lives as the offspring of one of the biggest Rock and Roll musicians of the era (small spoiler- he’s not a great father but I think you would have picked up on that if you’d read any other books in which he’s mentioned). Each kid is dealing with so much more than any of their siblings realize and while they are so close they’re still so disconnected. It’s lighter in some ways then the other two, but still a great story connecting all the dots. Lastly the most recent story in the “series”…

Carrie Soto is Back– You meet Carrie Soto a bit unceremoniously in Malibu Rising, and my opinion of her going into this one was not fantastic. When I started this book I didn’t think it would leave much of an impression, but this one ended up being my second favorite after Evelyn Hugo. Carrie isn’t “nice” she isn’t “pretty”, but she is cut-throat, calculated, relentless and ruthless. Which is why she’s as good of an athlete as she is in her prime. When she decides to step back onto the court after retiring you begin to see all of the layers that hold this woman together. Years of being a competitive athlete is what had me rooting for her in the end, and made it so I felt like she was someone I would have played with or as an opponent I would have met in my own competitive days. Funny how when men put their sport first they’re “driven” and when women do it, they are called a Bitch. Some things never seem to change…

There were other books I was chipping away at this month, but none of them made it to the finish line (yet). I’m sure they’ll make an appearance in March. We have a long road trip in our future for spring break and I’m still off the social channels for the foreseeable future. Even with watching Daisy Jones and the second season of Shadow and Bone, there is much to be read and enjoyed!


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