Things that Made Me Happy In March

So April is here… That feels like it happened in a blink, maybe that’s just me? I am so ready for spring, and I’m hopeful that it has arrived in my little corner of Colorado. It’s super windy (which is normal where we’re at) but the sun is shining and aside from some flurries we’re sitting pretty anywhere from the mid to upper 50’s to low 70’s. I am here for it. But now- things that made me happy in March-

The State Hockey Games- The end of February brought the news that our team had made it to the state playoffs, we played in those games the first weekend in March. Overall we ended the season 7th in the state in our division. Not a bad finish at all, one that our team was proud to end on. This past year was my son’s first real season of hockey and my husband’s first go as a Head Coach. I wasn’t sure what to expect this season, but I can say now it was better than anything I could have ever imagined. We didn’t win them all, there were some long weekends and early mornings. The fact that you just get used to the smell that comes with the rink is something I still can’t wrap my head around. But overall it was a great end to a great season and another post that I’ll publish soon.

We hired a house cleaning service- Ok, this one is a privilege that I’m well aware most people do not have. My husband and I went back and forth on this for years and I have to say, holy cow is it amazing. The biggest benefit besides not spending an entire day on the weekend doing all the cleaning is how neat our house stays between cleaning visits. My kids are clutter-bugs. It doesn’t matter how often we purge or how few things we allow in the house it still finds its way in. Lately though it’s been minimized and because our home is more picked up we all seem to be in a better mental space. Maybe I’m grasping at straws so I can fully validate the expense, but I’m not upset about the results thus far.

We took a trip to St. George, Utah- There wasn’t any particular reason for our choice of location besides hearing it was beautiful and in close vicinity of a couple of National Parks. My husband found an excellent Air B&B, and we jumped in the car and took a scenic 10 hour drive west. My kids loved the place we stayed (especially the massive pool/hot tub/lagoon situation) and we all benefited from getting away for a few days. We spent lots of time by the water (heated as the air was only in the mid 60’s), we played board games after dinner, and we spent a day at Zion National Park. The drive was a beautiful sight, I might have been the only one that liked that part of the trip. While standing in Zion I was reminded how small we are in this great big world, nature has a way of doing that to me. I hope we can head back again, it was certainly a place worth revisiting.

I got an Ice Tub- A friend of mine had an extra, so I was the lucky recipient. I’ve been doing cold showers off and on for over a year, the tub allows me to step it up a notch. Getting cold sucks, I am not going to sugar coat that at all. However, I do notice a positive change in my mental and physical health when I am consistent. So whether that’s placebo effect or actual adaptation either way I feel the benefit. The temperature control is still a work in progress, and each time I jump in I’m able to sit a little longer. I’m still reading and researching and sifting through lots of information to formulate what works best for me and the benefits I wish to get out of jumping in a barrel of ice water a few times per week. More on this to come.

That was March, and April is off to a great start. There will be more posts this month, and I’m excited to share a couple series that I’ve been putting together. Spring it seems has sprung and I am here for it!


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