And Just Like That It’s Almost June.

Has anyone else felt like time has just flown by the past couple months? I’m trying to figure out how the hell it’s already the middle of May and my kids will be out of school by the end of the week.

I know many parents are saying “I don’t know what I’m going to do with them home, I’m not ready”. I am SO ready, I wish it would just get here. This week is full of school events and activities and I know that they mean the world to my son, but it’s just another thing to check the box. A few more days….

So let’s see, since I was here last I got my half marathon training up and running (no pun intended). Some weeks are awesome, others not so much but the mileage is increasing and I’m not hating it. I’ll call that a win and will likely write more on that later.

We took the kids to a Stanley Cup play-off game while the Avs were still in. It was a very good time had by all four members of House Galster and while it’s a bummer the Avs went down in round one there is still ample hockey being viewed in our house (Go Stars!)

Dann and I took off to Arizona without the kids for a weekend. It was excellent and also another reason that time has felt like its just flown by. No good deed goes unpunished and that trip was proof.

I gave up coffee for Lent, and I didn’t die. I mention that because working with my functional medicine doctor I had to give it up AGAIN for about a month as part of an elimination diet. I have plenty to say on that entire topic, so what I will say on a light-hearted level is that I really miss the comfort of coffee. The caffeine is nice and so is the smell, but what I mist the most is the comfort that I derive from a mug of steaming, hot, deliciousness. I’m week two into this elimination and I know the first thing I’m going to reintroduce as soon as I get the green light. It’s going to make me real sad if I find out it’s actually one of the things triggering what we’re trying to fix. Wouldn’t that be the definition of irony… No thank you.

Lots going on with business even though I feel like my hair is constantly on fire. Isn’t that how it works though?? It’s when you’re at your most crazy that all the magic happens. I have faith all of this is for a reason, though I will admit that’s hard to keep it front of mind when you’re in the thick of it.

Back to the daily, and more to share that I want to get out there. I hope everyone that reads this is having an excellent Monday. If you are a mother/ parent that has children in the throws of end-of-the-year madness I see you and I am standing with you among the crazy.

Until next time!

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