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What Makes A Good Workout?

I’ll start by answering that question with another question- what is your goal? That is my answer for several questions that I get asked on

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Welcome 2020

It’s finally here! Did anyone else feel like the last couple months of the year simultaneously flew by and also never wanted to end? I’m

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Seasonal Fitness

Working in the fitness arena, there can be incredible singularly focused and dogmatic approaches to working out. Some people believe in one method only, and

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Musings on Postpartum

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of postpartum is “occurring in or being the period following childbirth”. I feel like this deserves some expansion, and

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Over half way to 2020

Just typing that title made me a little queezy, I can’t believe we are already in July. About a week ago my husband and I

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I’m baaaaaaaack

I maybe said that in a creepy Jack Nicholson voice. Or am I thinking the wrong movie? Likely the second, but whatever. February has been

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